Florida Contractor's Manual 2017 Edition

Florida Contractor's Manual 2017 Edition

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Book is no longer in print, you may receive a used books that is highlighted and tabbed 

Attention: Beginning October 1, 2021, the 2017 edition of the Florida Contractor's Manual will NO LONGER be used in the Florida Contractor License exam. Buy the 2020 edition here: Florida Contractor's Manual 2021 Edition – Contractor Book Rentals

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Florida Contractor's Manual 2017 Edition. The 2017 Edition of Florida Contractor's Manual is approved by the Construction Industry Licensing Board for your examination. Answers to questions on the exam will be based on this edition and other past editions. Some of the questions will be based on field experience and knowledge of trade practices. This Manual has also commonly been referred to as the Florida Contractor's Reference Manual.

This book includes many of the aspects of operating a business related to the construction industry and shows everything there is to know about the proper way to file taxes; what insurance to carry; how to manage daily accounts, and how, when, and why to file a paperwork for a lien. It includes excerpts from the entire sections of Federal Codes, State Statutes, local ordinances, and the administrative rules related to all of the above.

Description: 2017 PRINTED EDITION

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